MAY 2023

Up Close with Will | Project Manager

Just like that, we have a new edition to the Artisan team.

What’s scaling a business without the organization and planning of special projects within scope? Let’s get personal with Will and what he looks forward to in the future. 

Tell us a bit about your experience in the industry and how you came to work with Artisan. 

I spent two years at a start-up working in residential project management in the Hamptons, Fairfield County, Westchester and South Florida, where I handled general home maintenance and larger renovations. In addition to project management, I led new homeowner onboardings and inspections, and managed the vendor supply.

A good friend introduced me to Tucker, and the rest was history. I was really excited to test myself in a commercial market like New York where there is a great need for our offerings, and felt like this was an ideal environment to grow in my career, while working with a strong team that I like.

What would you say is the most tedious part about your role? What is the most rewarding? 

The most tedious part is keeping up with the acronyms. I wish we could use our words! The most rewarding is witnessing the builds over time and seeing the design vision coming to life. 

What is a typical workday like in your role? 

I start my days by finalizing the agendas for our team meetings that are scheduled throughout the day. I then like to direct my focus to processing any invoices that may have come from our vendors the night before, and ensuring that our budget trackers are up-to-date with those figures. 

Working on both project management and furniture has given me the opportunity to interact with a wide array of vendors, and a lot of my day is staying on top of key stakeholders to ensure we fulfill our project needs to continue progressing. My favorite parts of the day are on-site visits where we get to view the work progress and meet the teams that we constantly communicate with in person. 

What do you look forward to doing in the future with Artisan? 

I look forward to continuing to work with exciting clients and growing my expertise in the field. Thus far, I have been impressed by the amount of work that the team has been able to accomplish and I’m excited to be a strong contributor in the very near future.